Walk the line. Mount Church, 12,200 feet #idahoexplored #lostriverrange
Below Mount Donaldson in the Lost River Range
JENBoise, IDColt Automatic .22 Long Rifle Challenger pistol
AARONCaldwell, IDSTI Eagle .40 S&W Pistol
The gun I am shooting is an STI Eagle in .40 S&W. When I first bought this gun I wanted a gun that was good for the various shooting sports I participate in. I have shot this gun so much I have had to refinish it twice, but when I hold it in my hands, it is like an extension of me. This day I was competing in IDPA. IDPA is a defensive shooting sport. We try to create real life scenarios, use defensive gear, and mindset. 
Guns have been in my life since the beginning. I grew up with them and still enjoy them in many ways. I compete quite a bit, but I love to hunt, relax, and spend time with family all while enjoying our various guns.

Boise, ID
STI 2011 .40 custom made pistol

The gun shown in the IDPA competition is a custom built STI 2011 built by Aaron Goodfellow from Caldwell, Idaho.  Of special significance is that the gun was a wedding present from 10 of my closest friends in the Boise shooting community.  This firearm and firearms used in sport bring much enjoyment to myself and those around me.  They do this by bringing like minded people together that enjoy friendly competition, safe use of firearms and believe strongly in exercising their 2nd Amendment rights.


Boise, ID
Taurus Raging Judge .454/.410 Revolver

Firearms have always been an interest of mine, greater than an interest really – they are more akin to something I pride myself on… like loyalty or honesty. Owning firearms is part of who I am, due to their nature as a great equalizer, they allow for me to feel confident in the safety of those I love and care about.

I believe that it is the responsibility of Americans to understand how to operate and maintain firearms. We are all aware of our own brief and violent history, and when one looks around the world we see constant attempts by governments to gain more power by bleeding their own people….it is in the very nature of governments to want ‘ever more’ control and authority over their populations and eventually that is expressed through force of arms. The only way to deter this is through an armed populace. The thought of forcing your own citizens to do anything via violence should be considered impossible for Democracy to work. Not wrong, unjust or immoral….. but impossible. The only way for that dynamic to honestly exist is through the intelligent ownership of firearms by citizens. Fortunately, the founders of our country also saw the same need and included the second amendment into the bill of rights for this very reason……they realized that governments are not inherently good, but are kept that way through checks and balances against the excessive consolidation of power.